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上学校 Delights with Winter Concerts

上学校 musicians kicked off the winter season in style with a series of concerts which showcased the melodic talent ringing from every BB& N教室.

Fifth Grade Celebration of 历史 and Ancestry

Talking about a big sisters, a grandparents, and other family members, BB& N fifth graders brought a touch of their own history to the 较低的学校 community before winter break in a Celebration of Ancestry and 传统装配.

中学 Artists Create Mexican Inspired Tiles

As a celebration of Spanish heritage month this year, BB& N eighth graders examined contemporary expressions of Hispanic culture in Mexican street art. Studying four principal artists, students in Jennifer Ridge’s 中学 Spanish class were inspired to create their own wall tiles in the style of a chosen artist.

A Murderously Fun 中学 Play

Tackling the classic "who dunnit?" theme, this fall's 中学 play featured humor, plot twists, and audience participation.  这出戏, 退出阶段死亡, tells the story of a night at the theater gone dramatically wrong. When a murder occurs, the mystery of who did it takes center stage, with the culprit being determined by the audience itself.

Cabaret Night Hits All the Right Notes

After a pandemic-imposed hiatus last year, a jubilant Singers’ Cabaret returned to the Chorale Room for an evening of performances by nine 上学校 students.

Head of the Charles at BB& N

Featuring big crowds throughout the weekend, BB& N celebrated the Head of the Charles weekend in grand style this year. With impressive performances on the river for Sunday's race, a lovely alumni/ae gathering on Saturday evening, and beautiful weather for both days, everyone in attendance enjoyed the event.

Grade Four Field Trips Explore 剑桥

Taking full advantage of the BB& N's 较低的学校 location, Grade Four students recently embarked on a variety of walking field trips to explore the different natural and urban landscapes in the area.

即使在大二的时候, Hannah Curhan ’23 still benefited from the mentorship of her 中学 Drama Teacher, Ms. Crewdon. 在冬天, Crewdon showed Curhan an email from the METG (Massachusetts Educational 剧院 Guild), calling for submissions to its first-ever monologue contest.