BB&N 运输 Program

任何BB&N student may participate in the 运输 Bus Program for the morning and afternoon, morning only or afternoon only. The morning bus schedule is structured so that students arrive shortly before the school day. The afternoon buses depart the Lower School upon dismissal, Middle School upon completion of athletic and health and wellness programming, and Upper School at the end of the academic day.

The schedules for Upper School students participating in interscholastic athletic games, after school extra curricular activities, and varsity/junior varsity 365bet体育 may not be able to ride buses home, depending on the end time of the activities.

Routes for the 2021-22 school year are subject to change, depending on ridership.


BB&N’s transportation program serves more than 23 communities with 8 bus routes. 黑莓&N transportation program is not only a convenient way for you to get your children to school, it also furthers our goal of creating environmentally sustainable programs by lowering carbon emissions and reducing traffic and parking on campus. 

Round-trip transportation rates for the 2021-2022 school year will be $3,100 and 单向 will be $2,250 per student. Rates for families receiving financial assistance will automatically be credited at the percentage their tuition is discounted with certain minimums. If your family requires additional assistance please contact the 金融援助 Office.

正如上面所提到的, 然而, we will be offering lower rates to the extent that certain enrollment targets are met to share the cost savings associated with higher ridership. Rates before financial assistance will be adjusted as follows for transportation enrollments completed by August 15, 2021:

  • When net ridership increases by 15% or 40 round trips on all routes, all riders will pay $2,900 for round trip and $2,150 for 单向 transportation. 
  • When enrollment reaches 20 riders for routes served by a large bus, the round trip fee will be reduced to $2,500 and the one way rate to $1,950.
  • When enrollment reaches 16 riders for routes served by a small bus, the round trip fee will be reduced to $2,500 and the one way rate to $1,950.

请参见 Veracross Parent Portal to view up to date bus timetables. You can find this on the right column on Veracross in a gold box titled “2021-2022 Bus Routes Timetable.”

请点击这里 to review 运输 政策.


BB&N students in Grades 7-12 who live in the City of Boston are eligible for M7 T-passes at no cost.  According to Boston Public School's website "An M7 is a free T-pass that is active 24/7 throughout the school year and...M7's can be used at any time during the day for transportation on the MBTA and on select Commuter Rail trips within Boston. M7 Passes are good for unlimited travel on the subway, Local or Express buses, and Commuter Rail Zones 1A, 1, 和2."    

今年,BB&N will be providing Boston Public Schools all of the information they need to support your residency and your child's enrollment at the school. We are, 然而, asking you to complete the 连接形式 to indicate your interest in your child receiving a T-Pass and confirming your child's residency in the City of Boston. You will need to complete a separate form for each child.

Please complete this information by August 2, 2021 to ensure that we secure your child's T-pass within the timelines set forth by Boston Public Schools. BB&N will receive all Tpasses directly from Boston Public Schools and we will alert you how to pick up your child's pass once the school receives them.


BB&N offers shuttles connecting Harvard Square with the three campuses as well as the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR’s) Lot 4 for student parking to the Upper School. A detailed shuttle schedule is available through the Veracross Parent Portal. You can find this on the right column on Veracross in a gold box titled “2021-2022 Bus Routes Timetable.”

运输 Department Contact Information

运输 Coordinator
(617) 800-2739

运输 Director
(617) 800-2715